The presentation should be prepared as a PowerPoint presentation in a 16:9 format (due to the format of the screen). If you have a film/video in your presentation, please submit this as a separate file.

Please insert your name on each slide.

COI – in the second slide you should state whether you have any conflict of interest. If you do have any conflicts of interest, they should be listed on this slide.

On stage, during your presentation, you will have a clicker to switch to the next or previous picture. Animation should therefore be set to automatic start when switching to the next image.

We will only use PC computers (no Mac!), Windows and Power Point software, so please provide us with a file compatible with these materials. We recommend that you also bring a PDF file of your presentation. You are not allowed to use your own computer in the lecture hall. Your presentation will be deleted from the conference computer directly after the conference.

Speakers´ Preparation Room – entrance floor
Please bring your presentation on a USB stick and hand it in to the technician in the speakers’ preparation room as soon as possible but no later than the times specified below:

Date                                    Session                               Deadline to upload presentation
Thursday 14 Sep                 Eyelid 1                               08.30
Thursday 14 Sep                 Lacrimal                              09.40
Thursday 14 Sep                 Orbit 1                                11.05
Thursday 14 Sep                 Orbit 2                                11.05
Thursday 14 Sep                 Eyelid 2                               13.20

Friday 15 Sep                      Orbit 1                                08.30
Friday 15 Sep                      Orbit 2                                09.00
Friday 15 Sep                      Lacrimal                              10.30
Friday 15 Sep                      Socket                                 13.10
Friday 15 Sep                      Orbit 3                                13.10

Saturday 16 Sep                  Eyelid 1                               08.30
Saturday 16 Sep                  Eyelid 2                               08.30
Saturday 16 Sep                  Controversies                     11.20
Saturday 16 Sep                  Eyelid 3 & Aesthetics         11.20

Speakers’ Preparation Room – opening hours
Thursday 14 September 07:30-15:40
Friday 15 September 07:00-15:00
Saturday 16 September 08:00-13:45

Duration of the presentation
Please check the conference programme to see how many minutes you will have for your presentation.

Each session will be chaired by two moderators who will introduce the speakers and initiate discussion. The moderator will be asked by the organizing committee to strictly respect the time schedule.

We kindly ask you to be in the lecture hall no later than 10 minutes before your session starts.


Presentation guidelines

  • Your video should be prepared in a MP4 format.
  • The resolution of your video should be 1080p.
  • We recommend that your video is no more than 3 minutes long.

Submit video presentation
We kindly ask you to submit your video presentation in advance of the conference. Please send us your presentation file using Sprend: Please enter in the e-mail address field and your name in the message box. Attach your presentation and click “Send the file”.

Please note that your video must be submitted no later than Friday 8 September.


Presentation guidelines

  • Your rapid fire presentation should be prepared in a 16:9 format.
  • Your name should be included in the footer of each slide.
  • In the second slide of your presentation you should state whether you have any conflict of interest.
  • Name your presentation file the following way: “Surname_Rapid fire_Friday” or “Surname_Rapid fire_Saturday”.
  • Your presentation may not be longer than 3 minutes.


Submit presentation

We kindly ask you to submit your presentation in advance of the conference. Please send us your presentation file using Sprend: Please enter in the e-mail address field and your name in the message box. Attach your presentation and click “Send the file”.

If you are not able to send your presentation in advance, you may submit it in the Speakers Preparation Room at the conference venue on Thursday, 14 September before 15:40 (for Rapid fire speakers on Friday) or Friday, 15 September, before 15:00 (for Rapid fire speakers on Saturday).

Only computers from the conference venue will be used.




Template 1


Template 2


Template 3


Template 4


Posters for ESOPRS 2017 will use digital 50″ screens. Use one of the templates above as a starting point when making your poster. The presentation will then be saved as single page PDF, without moving content. If you do not use any of the following templates, the size of the poster should be 1080x1920 pixels (width x height) or set 62.26x110.69 cm in PowerPoint.
When you finish your entries in PowerPoint, convert it to PDF by clicking File -> Export -> Then select PDF format and click on Save.

Large file?

If the resulting poster PDF file size is more than 2 MB you can locally do a copy of your PowerPoint file and try to reduce the file size. In PowerPoint this should be at at File > Compress Pictures and you could use either Picture Quality Print or On-screen, see below. Then export to PDF again. Please check that the images isn’t in to low resolution after reducing the file size.


Upload poster

When you’ve created your poster as PDF go to the Abstract system and log in with your information. If you have forgotten your login information, you will find these in your confirmation email that was sent when you created your account. If you do not find the email you can click on the link “Forgot password?” and fill in your email that you used when you submitted your abstract and you will receive an email sent to you with the instructions for creating a new password.

Once you have logged in to the system you’ll see your submitted abstracts.

Click on “Upload poster” and then click “Choose poster (PDF)”, select your poster (as saved in PDF format). After the poster is uploaded, you can see your entries by clicking the “Show” link.

If you have any troubles uploading poster, please send an email to